My new Cherry G84

Today I got my Cherry G84-4100. as you may know it is using Cherry ML keys, its a different key switch line from Cherry and it is mechanical.

I’m switching from a full size Cherry MX-Blue Keyboard because i felt like i am not effective enough on a full size keyboard.

I live in Austria but i ordered the US Layout because i prefer it over the german layout.

Main advantages over my MX keyboard

  • Instant execution with 3 mm travel instead of 4 mm travel with 1 mm free travel
  • F Keys in MUCH better reach.
  • compact size: everything is in better reach, i can execute my patterns faster.
  • smaller space key size
  • additional modifier key ~`
  • zxcvbnm easy reachable with the thumb / can be used as modifier key.
  • i have more workspace on my table with a compact keyboard

AMA on reddit :)


Cherry G84-4100 Miniature Keyboard. British sneaker from Curchs

Cherry G84-4100 Miniature Keyboard. British sneaker from Church’s

My workstation

My workstation