Advanced Mechanics – Communication

On your way out of the trench you will meet someone who will tell you that communication is key, that could be true but your friend most likely doesnt understand how to use this power properly.

I show you 2 ways 2 deal with communication.


dota_chat_mute_all 1

Communication Strategy 1

Difficulty: 5/10.
Experience requiered: 500 hours.

Pros: Improves your game and map awareness, raising your apm
Cons: 3/22 games someone will tell you something game winning but you cant see or hear it.


copy pasta this to your autoexec.cfg

dota_chat_mute_all "1" // disabled all chat and team chat by default
voice_enable "0" // will disable watch tab caster voice. open console to activate it or write a toggle script.

Communication Strategy 2

Difficulty: hard/painful.
Experience requiered: 2.000 hours.

Glorious team? press F5 – whenever your team does something truly glorious.
Chat goes retard? press F6 – whenever your team insults you.
Any question: press F7 – whenever your team asks you a question.

do not attempt to write anything in the chat window, only use those 3 buttons!

copy pasta this to your autoexec.cfg

bind "F5" "chatwheel_say 61;echo you fool." // nice
bind "F6" "chatwheel_say 68;echo penopt." // my bad
bind "F7" "chatwheel_say 63;chatwheel_say 69;echo i will steal your waifu." // sry i regret my decision

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