List of Dank Dota 2 Reddit Comments

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Leafeator saying good bye to ReaverXai #sad

Comment from discussion gg friends.

Slacks trying to say something nice

Mr_Rams on Perfect World Shanghai Major

lethalitykd gets triggered by an OkCupid article

Gonna hijack this top comment:

Can we not turn Esports into tabloid bullshit? Leaked OKCupid profile, muh drama. I mean honestly. Either somebody made an account purposefully searching for him or someone random came accross it. Obviously if you look at the quote below, you'll see they purposefully looked for it. Which is pretty shitty "hacking." They didn't hack anything. They made an OKCupid account and took pictures of his profile.

"According to images leaked by a South American hacking group known as 'Matar & Malograr Raiding Association'"

Who the fuck gives a shit? This website is trash and this isn't worthy of news. Not because it's Arteezy, but because again, it is tabloid bullshit. He is 19 years old and spends most of his time playing Dota, which is his job. I met my fucking fiance on Reddit (of all places) and these days, it is pretty much normal for people to meet online since so many people use it as a form of communication. It's 2016. The fact that this website did a news piece on this is ridiculous, and ultimately I would throw them in the category of garbage.

TL;DR: Esports isn't Hollywood. Fuck this tabloid bullshit.

Moon has encountered a bug – Youtube Link

american gets triggered by an autist in voice chat.

Charlie avoiding taxes

Gabe Newell gets triggered by an angry custom game developer

SirBelvedere gets triggered

Guide How to Play Invoker #4k #5k #6k Tutorial

Comment from discussion I can see future.