Techies Agha idea: Commercial Airline

Techies goes to Hea7en. (Audio Version)

A Techies Ultimate Upgrade.

Techies calls a passenger airline with 900 health to his nearest landing field, techies will enter the airline, enemy creeps and heroes may join the flight.

Techies can start the engines by channeling for 11 seconds. When airborne techies circles around the map and abilities can be cast but only affect ground units. Techies can select any lane to approach for landing. the passenger airplane is approaching the selected lane by showing off a spectacular u-turn.

The plane will fail to land on the lane but hit the next tower instead. Techies and his creeps in the plane die at impact to deal the total amount of lost health as physical damage in an area of 750 including friendly buildings and team-mates. damage to friendly buildings is delayed by three minutes, the enemy team needs to destroy the tower in time or it will possibly get denied.

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